1.  Private [completed – 2/9/2010]


3. Ride a motorbike

4. Go rock climbing [completed – 5/6/2011]

5. Visit New York [completed – 12/08/2011]

6. Dye my hair  [completed – 26/01/2011]

7. Write a poem and perform it at an open mic night

8. Climb a Munro

9. Go to Notting Hill Carnival  in London (late August) – English but not Scottish bank holiday 😦

10. Pick mushrooms from the wild and cook it

11. Ask out a stranger

12. Run a marathon [half marathon completed on 22/05/2011]

13. Take a martial arts class

14. Bike a stane (Glentress) [completed – 17/07/2011]

15. Extreme ironing!

16. Live by the dice for a weekend

17. Go cheese chasing (event cancelled)

18. Play 5 mins at full back (in a real match) [completed – 28/08/2011]

19. Learn to make chinese dumplings from scratch

20. Get my palm read/Go to a psychic

21. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

22. Take a roadtrip to Europe

23. Stay up for 48 hours

24. Say no for a whole week [complete – 17/07/2011]

25. Do a mini (sprint) triathlon [completed Kelso Triathlon on 7th Aug 2011]

26. Go sea kayaking [completed on 03/08/2011]

27. Bake something for potluck

28. Learn to make a 3 tier cake

29. Read a book that my friends wouldn’t expect me to read (and suggested by them) [started reading Black Swan by Nicholas Taleb]

30. Write 12 handwritten letters to the people that has most affected my life in the last 29 years

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