Side Projects

Although this section is called ‘side projects’, this is basically a collection of things that I am currently doing or previously involved with during my “spare” time:

  • – a blog on startup news in and around Edinburgh.
  • Run2see – GPS navigation crossed with tourist information for the business/conference runner.
  • Girl Geeks Dinner Scotland – a network for women in IT based in Scotland.
  • MyPolice [PAST] – A web-based service that fosters constructive, collaborative communication between communities and the police forces which serve them. I was involved with the team in the initial stages at Social Innovation Camp (and a little tiny bit after).
  • More to follow (now I think making this into an infographic is probably another good infographic …)

I’ve also got a bunch of ideas that I’m playing with (in my head). Occasionally one will graduate and escape, where I try and recruit more people to join me in making it happen.