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Hi everyone,

Bela Hamid, Thomas Drapier, Jessica Williamson and I have been working very hard lately and now we’re ready to launch StartupCafe:

We aim to be a fun and humorous place to go to for local startup news. We’ll be offering you an alternative commentary of tech, startup and social media news; along with announcements of jobs, events and competitions (all with a dose of silliness). As if that’s not enough, we’ll also be showcasing local startups and giving them a place to shout out their successes.”

This blog grew out of two needs. One, the Edinburgh startup scene has become so big that its difficult to keep track of. We wanted somewhere that people can get their daily dose of local startup news (with the emphasis on local). On top of that, while each startup has their own blog, we wanted to create a central place where we can help young companies celebrate their successes, advertise for resources and share ideas. Add a sprinkle of tech commentary and you have us!

Check out our quirky bios on the About page – for better or for worst, we decided that we were not allowed to write our own bios and instead the other three people would.

So take a coffee break, pop by and join in the conversation! And make sure you spread the word!

PS. You can contact us at

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