#17 Go Cheese Chasing [30before30]

Tomorrow is the traditional Late Spring Bank Holiday Monday that the annual Cheese-Rolling Festival at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire takes place.

The sad thing is, due to health and safety reasons, it looks like the 2011 is going to be cancelled (similar to the 2010 event). The police are worried that people will break their legs because they’re running high speed down a hill. Which … when you think about it, is sensible. Especially considering the cuts that the NHS are facing at the moment.

This sadly means that #17 on my list – Go Cheese Chasing – is pretty much shattered 😦

My original plan was to drive down to Gloucestershire to take part, but it seems a little silly now that it looks unlikely to happen (there seem to be a hint that something unofficial might occur, but its a long drive to find out).

And as funny as Amanda and Polly’s suggestion of following a babybel down Arthurs Seat is, I had a bit of a think and have decided to try something slightly different … but along the same lines of unusual/silly events that I’ve heard of and want to go to.

If I can, I’m going to try and get to the Swamp Soccer World Cup which is being held at Edinburgh this year! (in late June) But I might have to organise a team … and time’s a little tight.

So better get a move on then …

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