Want to find out whether you’re going to have a good week? There’s an app for that!

Mystic Peg is an easy, simple way for anyone to see what their week is going to be like.

When you look at your diary, you might just see a list of events and appointments. But imagine if you could write down how you felt about each meeting or coffee with a colleague and then used that to work out what next week looks like for you depending on how you felt before.

Mystic Peg is an app that allows you to easily record how you feel about particular events like an anxious big team meeting or that dreaded driving test, and find ways to offset that to have a better day.

Each day in the calendar has a coloured background to show you what your mood is likely to be during that day. And for each appointment in your diary, you can mark it as good, bad, or OK. Over time, Mystic Peg will build up a picture of you to provide even better predictions of your mood over the week. People also have the option to add diary notes to their event.

What happens if Mystic Peg predicts that you’re going to have a bad day? She makes suggestions to make it better from the information you’ve entered already, like having coffee with your best friend or going to the cinema.

To get started with the app, users are asked to import their existing calendars from Google, Apple or Outlook. Their previous events are analysed and they are asked to do tell the app the meetings or events they have enjoyed.

By combining events and mood data, app developers at Project Ginsberg hopes that users can learn to manage the emotional and mental energy for the week.

“I use the Mystic Peg app to help me work out what my week looks like. I’m looking after my mum in hospital, as well as having to pick up the kids, so it makes it easy for me to arrange things so that I do the most draining things when I have the most energy.” Says George, 36.

“This is a great app! I love being more aware of how my day is going and know when to schedule any awkward phone calls so I can be at my best.”

For further information please contact Leah Lockhart on leah@project-ginsberg.com.


This is a fake press release as part of Project Ginsberg. It’s part of the Working Backwards methodology from Amazon – see http://thulme.com/weiji/amazon-working-backwards/ 

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