30 before 30 list

Last week, I turned 29. The birthday parties in Edinburgh and London were both awesome and surrounded by awesome friends. But at the back of my mind, I was slowly coming to terms with the fact that I’m going to be turning 30 next year.

Even though 30 is just a number I’m told – and it is – it’s still a bit of a milestone for anyone. So, I decided that I would celebrate the milestone by doing 30 things before I turned 30. The aim is to attempt to do as many of them as I can before next Sept.

This list is really a combination of things that I really want to do, things that are unusual for me, and things that will push and challenge me. I’ve posted this list here because if you have any suggestions or can help me achieve these things, then I would love to hear from you through the comments.

Its taken a week or two, but after speaking to several friends about this, I’ve finalised the list …

1.  [completed – 2/9/2010]


3. Ride a motorbike

4. Go rock climbing

5. Visit New York

6. Dye my hair

7. Write a poem and perform it at an open mic night

8. Climb a Munro

9. Go to Mardi Gras in London

10. Pick mushrooms from the wild and cook it (Jamie Oliver style)

11. Ask out a stranger

12. Run a marathon

13. Take a martial arts class

14. Bike all 7 stanes

15. Extreme ironing!

16. Live by the dice for a weekend

17. Go cheese chasing

18. Play 5 mins at full back (in a real match)

19. Learn to make chinese dumplings from scratch

20. Get my palm read/Go to a psychic

21. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

22. Take a roadtrip to Europe

23. Stay up for 48 hours

24. Say no for a whole week

25. Do a mini (sprint) triathlon

26. Go sea kayaking

27. Bake something for potluck

28. Learn to make a 3 tier cake

29. Read a book that my friends wouldn’t expect me to read (and suggested by them)

30. Write a handwritten letter to a (randomly chosen) friend every month

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