Quick 30 before 30 list update

So, its been just over a month since I first made my 30 things to do before I’m 30 list. I’ve been talking about it quite a bit and generally, people think its a great idea. In fact, another one of my friends has just started her list too before her birthday.

I thought I would give a quick update to let you know where we are:

1.  [completed – 2/9/2010]


3. Ride a motorbike

4. Go rock climbing

5. Visit New York

6. Dye my hair – I’ve been talking about how I should go about doing this. The opinions differ from sensible colours like “brown/purple” to “if you’re going to do it, go blonde or bright blue”. Still haven’t made my mind up. But one thing is for sure. Looks like I should get it done professionally.

7. Write a poem and perform it at an open mic night

8. Climb a Munro – Been thinking about whether I can do this in Oct/Nov. Still looking for volunteers to go up with.

9. Go to Mardi Gras in London

10. Pick mushrooms from the wild and cook it (Jamie Oliver style)

11. Ask out a stranger

12. Run a marathon – Tried to start marathon training but have been insanely busy in the last few weeks. Next week, I promise! 🙂

13. Take a martial arts class – Doing this next wed. After much thought I judo was the class I’m going to take.

14. Bike all 7 stanes

15. Extreme ironing!

16. Live by the dice for a weekend

17. Go cheese chasing – this one looks a little dicey because I was planning to go to the Cheese Rolling weekend in Gloucestershire on the last Sunday of May. But looks like there might be uncertainty as to whether the event will go ahead after all 😦 But no fear, my rugby friends have ‘kindly’ suggested that they throw some baby bels down Arthurs Seat for me to chase …

18. Play 5 mins at full back (in a real match) – Still yet to happen, but mostly because we don’t have enough front row players 😦

19. Learn to make chinese dumplings from scratch

20. Get my palm read/Go to a psychic

21. Volunteer at a soup kitchen – been talking about this to a few people and looks like there might be some volunteers to go down. Just need to nail down a time/date.

22. Take a roadtrip to Europe

23. Stay up for 48 hours

24. Say no for a whole week – MUST. DO. THIS.

25. Do a mini (sprint) triathlon

26. Go sea kayaking

27. Bake something for potluck – Need to get

28. Learn to make a 3 tier cake – Planned for 19th Nov, for Interface3’s birthday!

29. Read a book that my friends wouldn’t expect me to read (and suggested by them) – this one has caused some interesting discussions. Nicola has suggested The Koran – which seems a quite serious and deep. But I think I’ve gone for the suggestion of the Black Swan (suggested by Hasan) instead.

30. Write a handwritten letter to a (randomly chosen) friend every month – have started on Sept. Might end up doing Sept + Oct at the same time at this rate. Gotta get going!


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