Staying in Government – moving to Digital Public Services

This time last year, I mentioned that I was heading off to work in full time. It’s been the start of the biggest rollercoaster year, where the Ginsberg team has launch new SDKs and a new mobile app, and partnerships with other organisations including working with Open mHealth.

The project is now on hold at the moment, while we look at ways to think about its sustainability.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to stay in the Scottish Government. There’s a real opportunity now to transform the way that Government works through digital. The momentum created by the Government Digital Service (GDS) has meant that there’s a demand to look at how the Public Sector can be more citizen-facing.

Combine this with Scotland’s First Minister openly talking about how she wants Scotland to have an open and transparent Government, you can see why it’s an exciting opportunity to stay.

I’ve taken up post as Head of Product in the Digital Public Services and Business Transformation team headed by Colin Cook. The team’s two core outputs (amongst many), are and our in-house Publishing Platform. We’re also helping the Digital Communications team inside SG to create a revamp of, the official SG website.

My main focus at the moment is on our in-house Publishing Platform. The vision behind it is to create an open source, extensible Publishing Platform that Scottish Public Sector organisations can use. It’ll be designed with addressing the issues of publishing information across a large organisation in mind. And at the heart of it, trying to help the content designer’s job easier, faster and more manageable.

There’s already quite an appetite for what we’re doing. I hope we get there.

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