An experiment – this week I learned

Now that the days are actually starting earlier (after emerging from the slightly bleak Scottish winter), I’m finding myself taking the time out every morning to write in 750 words.

Having the space to write down and process all your thoughts is one of the best and most mindful things that I do. And recently, I’ve found that I’ve been writing about things that I’ve been learning about at work, or listening to podcast etc.

So starting from this week, I’m going to run a little experiment – to write a short blog post about something that I’ve learnt about that week. It could be about a specific technique, or an article I’ve read, or life hack. 

It’s like a longer version of Today I Learned.

I’m going to try and run the experiment for the next 3 months, hopefully it’ll encourage me to write more and talk more about being a product manager/me.

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